TODAY! Oxford Street! Join Us! Bring a friend!

Please do join us today on Oxford Street in London as we together make 10 DEMANDS upon our governments.

Roads must be made fit for humans once again!

This is our direct action.
Together as people. United in movement.

National Funeral
for the
Unknown Victim
Traffic Violence


(see below for the full SCHEDULE)

We will meet at Bedford Square (next to the British Museum in London) at noon. There are several FEEDER RIDES that you are welcome to join to get there together.

Then we’ll walk behind a horse-drawn hearse as it slowly progresses along Oxford Street. Make or bring POSTERS.

At Marble Arch we will have a Die-In and a rally with several people giving short talks on why our demands are being made.

Twitter: #NationalFuneral and @StopKillingCycl



12 noon : Start Assembling Bedford Square, London WC1B 3RA
Kris from Four Graphics is bringing About 150 Placards with a range of Stop Killing Messages. But if you can get access to an A3 colour printer, you can make your own, from our website artwork section.
12.45 pm : Coffin loaded onto horse drawn hearse
1pm : Funeral Protest leaves Bedford Square via Bloomsbury Street– led by lone bagpiper, followed by horse drawn hearse, followed by Roads Fit for Humans Banner, survivors, victims’ families and protesters.
Funeral Protest marches down Oxford Street at funeral walking speed to Marble Arch.
You are welcome to walk with your bikes and include them in the Die-In at Marble Arch.

2pm :


Funeral Protest arrives Marble Arch via Cumberland Gate.
Horse drawn hearse draws up on square in front of Marble Arch.
The protesters assemble on the square and adjacent grassed area.
Coffin unloaded by 6 pall bearers and taken to trestle and laid in front of central arch of Marble Arch.
Louisa Beard sings an ode to freedom by Handel (Lascia ch’io pianga -Rinaldo – G. F. Handel)
Helen Moore reads a specially commissioned poem for the National Funeral. (Climate crisis and anti-fracking activist).
Louisa Beard sings Pieu Jesu.
Patrick Smith plays The Last Post.
Donnachadh invites crowd to do the Die-In all around the coffin, listing the numbers of various groups of dead, maimed and diseased that the coffin represents.
SILENCE IS requested for the 10 minute die-in.
PLEASE bring something waterproof to lie down on in case ground is damp.
Also overflow will have to go on grass. (Forecast at moment is for dry/bright day)
RALLY follows with survivors, victims’ families, grass-root campaigners and medical experts speaking. See SPEAKERS.
3pm : Rally finishes with 3 cheers for cycling and walking and a bike lift!


Big Thanks to everybody who is helping in so many ways to ensure we send a powerful message to the government that lives must now be saved!

with love

Donnachadh, Nicola, Abby, Carl, Harry, Fred, Andrew, Wim, Steve, Will, Kris, Tom and all the rest of the amazing grassroot Stop Killing Cyclists volunteers helping organise the event! x



We are really pleased and honoured to have the following crash survivors, victims’ family members, grass-root safety activists and medical experts agree to address our Rally, following the National Funeral for the Unknown Victim of Traffic Violence and Mega Die-In.

It is to enable their voices to be heard rather than the usual national politicians or celebs, that we are staging tomorrow’s protest.

Almost all of them are volunteer supporters of Stop Killing Cyclists and the Stop The Killing Coalition and they all have really important messages to give.

Each of them is scheduled to speak for 3 minutes.

(Speakers and ordering subject to change).

Tom Kearney Safer Oxford Street Campaign Tom was a pedestrian hit by a bus on Oxford Street and put into a coma. Oxford Street is the world’s most polluted street and London’s most dangerous.
Prof. Brendan Delaney King’s College How pollution and unfitness diseases are killing/poisoning huge numbers of non-cyclists.
Bart Chan Cyclist seriously injured by HGV Truck in City of London (which has banned segregated cycle lanes on their own streets)
Andrew Smith Professional Actuary Summarises statistics on vast range of deaths caused by traffic pollution, crashes and lack of fitness due to lack of ped/cycling infrastructure)
Ted Brown Brixton cycling activist will read Seamus Heaney’s Poem “Summer of Lost Rachel”.
Dominique Vesco Mother of Marie Vesco Mother of a young cyclist killed whilst cycling on A53 and who supports “Liability Law” for all drivers.
Terry Hurlstone 75 year old pensioner Arrested in 1992 in Oxford St Sit-down protest against pollution and traffic then!
Caroline Russell Green Party Transport Spokesperson How Traffic’s climate emissions are killing/will kill people globally.
Disabled Speaker (TBC)
Donnachadh McCarthy Stop Killing Cyclists/Stop the Killing Coalition Co-organiser Will read out the Protests 10 Demands and the positive contribution cycling and walking makes to communities across Britain.

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